You are traveling as a couple, for an extended “road trip” on two wheels with motorcycle phone mount for GPS. So what: two bikes, a motorcycle, and a sidecar, two on the bike? A personal choice, of course, but here are the arguments to help you decide!


A trip couple on a motorcycle is a great adventure. Provided that the bike is comfortable for the driver, but also the passenger! If your passenger is suffering from discomfort throughout the road trip, the fun will not be shared … 

You must also learn to ride two. If your passenger is not a biker, teach him what to do and not do. Explain how it is to follow the movements of the bike and the driver, avoid sudden changes. Teach him also to be held during braking … Make some short trips before leaving for good! Also help the passenger, if neophyte to choose the right equipment.

Finally, you must, as a pilot, adjust your driving: it will be different from a passenger. Do not be too nervous driving, unpleasant for the passenger, but driving flexibility. 

Consider also that your passenger will be more sensitive to cold.


Delightfully retro, and pretty unusual, though the sidecar is an excellent way to travel to two.

But beware, ride with a sidecar, it changes everything! In a straight line, when you accelerate, your motorcycle pulls to the right. And when you brake, you go to the left. Adjustment time is required.

Turn is not easy either. To turn right, you need to accelerate slightly in the curve. To turn left, steer in moderation so that the sidecar does not take too much support on the suspension because it could unbalance the vehicle …

But once the habit, the sidecar will be simple to master. 

And you benefit from all the advantages of a sidecar, which can accommodate a disabled person (adapting as necessary the side). A great way to share your passion with a person with reduced mobility, and help them discover the sense of freedom that you have to handle.

Two each his motorcycle

Ride two bikes or groups does not change the behavior. But attention to your practice in a group!

First, remember that a walk is not a race. Do not be drawn into a competition that would be dangerous in addition to being useless. 

It is recommended not to ride in a single file and to respect the safety distances. The bike “head” guide shows the way but must also adjust its speed not to outrun the other bikes. You must all come together too! 

Ideally, motorcycles must have staggered alternately from the middle of the roadway or right. So all vehicles are visible to other users when more than two bikes, the safety distance is increased, and a “corridor of vision” is naturally created between motorcycles. 

Finally, motorcycles should avoid doubling each other, and when double-truck or car, it’s every turn: Wait for the previous bike has completed its movement before uncouple. Thus you will come to port security.

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